Progressive sludge metal from Seattle, WA.

“This band plays in the proggier and sludgier corners of the stoner metal sandbox, creating music that brings to mind the likes of Mastodon, High On Fire, Neurosis, and Helms Alee”
– No Clean Singing

“The best band in Washington is Witch Ripper … Their quick-and-dirty debut EP is just the hazy riffgasm you’ve been aching for – four songs equally suited for smoking a spliff in the comfort of your own home or blaring out of your best buddy’s car windows on an amphetamine-fueled midnight joyride”
– Toilet Ov Hell

“This is the type shit you would hear at a biker bar where fisticuffs and alcohol poisoning are the only menu items and I like that”
– Angry Metal Guy

“Going out in a hail of decibels and distortion at the hands of Witch Ripper sounds like a decent way to die—their mangled sludge metal pulls no punches. If you wish Mastodon never changed their sound after the Remission LP, Witch Ripper are the band for you”
– The Stranger

“Witch Ripper fuse together mind melting, red hot riffs with expansive, sweltering sludge. Proggy technicality and spaced out psychedelia add further dynamics to the rock solid songwriting and hauntingly pervasive hooks”
– The Seattle Passive Aggressive

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