Drawn out of a unique creative vision and driven by a deep passion for the underground, Somnuri aren’t
your typical sludge metal band. Fusing swooping melodies with a crushing bottom end, the group
transcends boundaries and connects listeners from a breadth of heavy music scenes. While fans of High
On Fire, Mastodon and Queens of the Stone Age might fall in love, Somnuri bring so much more to the
table than the mere sum of their parts. Shying away from tropes and committing instead to a determined
iconoclastic approach, Somnuri are heavy music for a hated generation.

Old friends and scene veterans united in the creation of this power trio and it shows. The band has an
undeniable chemistry, and apparent connections to every band in Brooklyn. Their DIY attitude sees them
recording and producing their own records and embracing any venue. This has helped cement them as
mainstays in the turbulent Brooklyn heavy music scene. They have found that by removing boundaries
has led to an accumulation of styles and influences that allows for the music to flow freely.

Musical liberation was on full display for their self titled Magnetic Eye Records released debut which
received rave reviews. One critic went so far as to write, “There is something strangely addictive about
this band, the way that they careen forward and their sort of carefree ability to simply crush it. There is a
pummeling beauty to the sonic assault of these tracks and an unrelenting ability to crack skulls one
punishing riff at a time” Suffice it to say, heavy music listeners near and far are excited for the release of
the bands upcoming split with Godmaker, and absolutely buzzing over the bands sophomore full length, due out in 2019.

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